Is there something you’d like to change around the University, Manchester or even further a field?

Campaigning at Manchester Students’ Union means working with others to make the lives of students better. With over 40,000 students, we have a strong and powerful voice which together, can make real change.

  • Campaigning is about identifying the source of a problem, who has the power to change it, then mobilising and organising actions to influence or force the change you want to see.
  • Campaigning is not raising awareness about an issue; it is about making tangible change to law, policy, behaviour or practice.
  • Campaigning is not solely about raising money for a charitable cause. If you’re interested in volunteering or fundraising click here.
  • Campaigning should not break the law. Your Students’ Union will not support any campaign that plans to do anything illegal.


Have you got an idea for a campaign but not sure where to begin?

Click on each button below to direct you to the training module. Each module lasts 5-10 minutes and will help you map out your campaign idea!

Planning your Campaign
Power Mapping
Lobbying and Action    
Communication & Evaluation

Remember: If you’re planning on bidding for money to help run your campaign, you must complete the following training modules: Planning Your Campaign, Power Mapping, Lobbying and Action & Communication and Evaluation. And don't forget to fill in the form at the end of each module to log your training!

Need to Apply for Funding for a Campaign?

Get in touch with our Campaigns team


Here you will find a number of resources to help run your campaign, take a look at our brand new campaigns toolkit!

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