Finance Advice

We know that balancing your finances whilst at uni can be challenging. However, we’re here to help with any finanical worries you might have!

If you're worried about budgeting, you may find the University's budgeting planner useful. Alternatively, this budgeting planner helpfully lets you add in your own incomings and outgoings.

Here at the Advice Service, we can help you with Student Finance, Additional Funding, Additional Funding Postgraduate, emergency loans and hardship grants and funding for international students.

To ease their financial worries, lots of students work part-time alongside their studies. If you’re interested in looking for work, check our the SU’s JobShop! Job opportunities are also regularly listed on the Students' Union website and at the University's Careers Service.

The SU offers short term loans of up to £100, which the Advice Service can administer. If you want to take out one of these loans, get in touch with one of our advisors, who can help you through the process.

Some students will be eligible for the Manchester Hardship Fund, a fund created by the University to help students who are struggling to meet their essential living expenses.

To read more about the MHF, and the eligibility criteria, click here. You can apply for the MHF online through your MyManchester account. If you have any questions about your eligibility or if you’d like some help with your application, drop in and see one of our Advisors.

What Can We Do?

  • Advise and support you if you think you may have been a victim of a scam.
  • Help you find opportunities for external postgraduate, childcare and means-tested funding.
  • Help you with any problems with Student Finance, including proving changes in personal circumstances and supporting you with appeals and complaints.
  • Help you apply for the Students’ Union Emergency Loan and the Manchester Hardship Fund.
  • Discuss your options if you are struggling to balance home life and your studies.
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