When you move into Halls of Residence, you become part of a special community! Every Halls of Residence has its own JCR/RA committee, which is there to represent you and make sure you have an amazing time in Halls. As a resident, you can stand to be elected as a committee member, as well as voting on your JCR/RA committee!

Your JCR/RA committee helps to build a sense of community and represent your interests. They plan awesome activities like Welcome Week, balls, pizza nights, quizzes and trips to Manchester, making your Halls a special place to live.

As a JCR/RA committee member, you’d help make your time in Halls amazing for you and your neighbours! You'd gain valuable skills to boost your CV, from managing events and finances to communication and leadership. Plus, JCR/RA committee membership counts towards the University’s Stellify ‘Step up and Lead’ Award!

For a list of full positions and descriptions please click here.


Last year I started university and was assigned Weston Hall to live in. The reviews said it was anti-social and boring so I tried to change my accommodation. I was distraught. In October, I nominated myself to be the women's officer on the Weston Hall RA committee. We created many memorable events for the hall and I met some of my closest friends at uni from being on the team. If you're unsure about whether to go for it, I'd honestly say just do it. You don't lose anything and it's hardly a big commitment! There's lots of roles available, so talk to your friends and just go for it!

Lara Vaughan, previous RA/JCR committee member

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