Manchester Academy

You’ll be hard pressed to think of any major music act which has not passed through our venues. From Foo Fighters to Kylie, we’ve had them all and we continue to fill our venues with a fantastic selection of the great and good the music world has to offer. 

We run a vast array of music concerts all-year-round in the building next door (with the big glass tower), Academy 1. There are another three venues in the Students’ Union building: Academy 2, Academy 3 and Club Academy.This allows us to provide gigs that range from up-close-and-personal to 2,500 fans sharing the big gig experience.

A few times a year we even combine all the venues and put on massive events for up to 5,000 students. At events like Pangaea Festival, with multiple rooms and stages pumping out amazing tunes as well as festival favourites such as silent discos and fairground rides adding to the revelry, provide a unique experience.

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