Senate is the highest decision making body in the Students Union. It takes place 6 times and makes decisions about what the Students' Union should believe and take action on.

It is made up of up to 75 elected students to discuss, debate and vote on policies and holds the Executive Officers of the organisation to account.

An additional 20 students are randomly selected to take part also. Students who are not elected to be on Senate can also participate and debate on the policies that are up for discussion.

Agendas and Minutes

Coming Up

24th September 2018


Who can attend the Senate?

As a Students' Union, it's important that only our registered students are able to participate in our democratic structures. As such, the constitution restricts attendance to the following people:

  • Any registered student who is a member of the Students' Union may attend or speak at Senate meetings


Question the Exec

The Executive Officers are elected by students which means they answer to you. Holding Officers to account and finding out what the Students' Union is doing for you is an important part of being a transparent, student-led organisation.

Use the button below to submit a question to any of the Officers which will be read out at Senate by the Chair. You can also ask questions to the Officers in person by coming along to the Senate

Submit a question to any of the Exec Officers

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