Actuarial Society

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We aim to provide more opportunities for our members to deepen their understanding of the actuarial industry, ultimately promoting the actuarial profession as a possible career path to all students with numerical background from across the university. 

The society aspires to develop business acumen and a strong commercial awareness among its members, alongside the development of key actuarial skills and strong industry connections. 

Given our small cohort of actuarial students, we aim to tighten the bond of those studying actuarial science and those who are also interested in actuarial science, so as to create a more inclusive and friendly environment for these like-minded students.

To achieve our goals, we will be organising throughout the year a range of events such as presentations by industry professionals, workshops, alumni events, mock assessment centres, networking events and also exciting socials for our members!

If you are eager to learn more about the actuarial industry and what the role of an actuary entails, join us now!

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