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The Access to Recreation Grant has been set up to reduce financial barriers to participating in Students' Union activity.

Students can claim up to £200 (in advance or after spending) towards:


  • Joining SU societies and groups which have membership fees
  • Purchasing equipment necessary for joining SU society activities (for example, kit)
  • Joining RAG (Raise and Give) challenges which have admin fees
  • Travel to attend meetings and activities with your society
  • Trips that meet the goals and purpose of the society
  • Gaining relevant documentation to participate in activities (e.g. overseas criminal records checks that require payment)

In term 2 priority will be given to students who are in their first year of reciept of the Manchester Bursary





You must meet AT LEAST one of the following criteria to apply:

  • Students in receipt of the Manchester Bursary/Article 26 ~Scholarship
  • Postgraduate students who were in receipt of maintenance grant as an undergraduate student  
  • Postgraduate students who are in receipt of the Manchester Master’s Bursary  
  • Students with a disability  
  • Students who are carers  
  • Students who are parents
  • Students in receipt of The Undergraduate Access Bursary  
  • Students in receipt of the Merit and Equity Scholarship
  • International students facing additional costs because of your immigration status
  • Living at Home Students





The timeline for applications is detailed below:

Term 1

  • Applications Open – Friday 28th September
  • Applications Close – Friday 12th October
  • Confirmation and grant allocation by: Friday 19th October


Term 2

  • Applications Open –
  • Applications Close – 
  • Confirmation of grant allocation by: 




Please Note:

  • The Access to Recreation Grant has limited financial resource. In the event that application bids exceed this resource, a selection process will take place and some bids will be unsuccessful - further infomation about the process is detailed on the application form.
  • Any student who recieves money from the Access to RecreationGrant will be required to complete two short surveys to help us evaluate the impact of the fund.
  • Details on how your data will be stored and used are on the application fund.