What can I do during the Industrial Action? 

Thursday 20-02-2020 - 14:56

1. Complaint to the University

- By complaining to the University this pushes on them to act quickly on your concerns and your experience during the industrial action it is key to highlight in your complaint:
      -The number of lectures, seminars, tutorials, and labs etc have been effected/cancelled as a result  of the action and any evidence you have of this 
     -In regards to steps taken to resolve the complaint, this does not fall down onto you to resolve/ and should be the Universities responsibility 
     -In terms of outcome, at this stage asking for a clear plan that highlights how mitigation will be applied and the process that will be followed with this 

The complaint form template can be found on our website here.

2. Mitigating Circumstances

- Mitigating circumstances is another way to highlight the impact the industrial action has had on your experience at University. Please make sure to fill in any mitigating circumstances forms including money lost from travel costs for teaching that was not cancelled beforehand, impact on wellbeing/mental health, and other factors  

3. Raise issue to Student Reps

- Throughout the industrial action period there will be Staff Student Liaison Committee meetings, during these it is important that student reps push their courses to provide up to date information on the industrial action and how they will support students in regards to teaching and assessments and how mitigation will be applied.

4. Draft Email to Vice-Chancellor Nancy Rothwell

- If you want to push your voice further, the National Union of Students have created a draft letter to send to our Vice-Chancellor Nancy Rothwell, you may not get a response straight away but it is a great way to highlight the current situation we are in and the power the University holds to lobby for change. The draft email can be found on our website here.
If you have any further questions please come to us in the Students’ Union or Contact our advice service at advice.su@manchester.ac.uk.


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