Elections 2020 Results

Thursday 12-03-2020 - 09:08

Voting has now closed in our 159th election. Thank you to all our candidates who took part and to all those who voted deciding who you want to represent you and for voting in the nus referendum.

Executive Officers of 2020/21:

  • General Secretary- Kwame Kwarteng

  • Education Officer- Laetitia Alexandratos

  • Postgraduate Officer: Nana Agyeman

  • Women’s Officer: Chenze Ma

  • Welfare And Community Officer: Junior Usina

  • International Students’ Officer: Ecem Yalcin

  • Activities And Development Officer: Carol Tiriongo

  • Liberation And Access Officer: Yueru Du

Part-Time Officers of 2020/21:

Liberation Officers:

  • Black Minority Ethnic (BME) Officer: Joshua Esiri Olivia Ilono

  • Disabled Students’ Officer: Jessica Edwards & Jasmine Taylor

  • LGBTQ+ Students’ Officer: Kieran Brierley

  • Trans Students’ Officer: Rosa Kucharska and Juno Roberts

  • Women Students’ Officer: Aasia Barratt & Alanah O'Byrne

Access Officers:

  • Distance-Learner Students’ Officer: Meladul Haq Ahmadzai

  • Living At Home Students’ Officer: Melissa Brown

  • Part-Time Students’ Officer: Amber Musgrove-Benford

  • Student Carer Officer: Balaji Lakavath

Community Officers

  • Fallowfield And Withington Student Community Officer: Saoirse Joubert

  • Rusholme And Whitworth Park Student Community Officer: Balaji Lakavath

  • International Students’ Officer: Chi Cheng Pun & Kavya Pabbisetti

  • Ethical And Environmental Officer: Anish Banerjee

Faculty Officers

  • Science And Engineering Undergraduate Faculty Officer: Marina Garcia Martinez

  • Science And Engineering Postgraduate Research Faculty Officer: Manasij Pal Chowdhury

  • Humanities Undergraduate Faculty Officer: Amber Reid & Jen Hewitt

NUS Referendum Results:

Students voted in favour to remain Affiliated with the National Union of Students.

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